Services We Offer

If you are planning to sell or trade-in your car, reach out to us to make an appointment.  We will inspect your car, and give you a great price! 

ASE Certified Hybrid & Electric Car Battery Repair Services

Buy A Car

Have a sneak peek into our stunning fleet of luxury cars and SUVs. You would surely end up loving one of them. We are an independent used car dealership company that offers car trade-in as well as direct cash pay options for your car sale.

Financing & Leasing

Want to purchase your dream car through the best auto financing options? QRS Automotive has the best auto financing options for you. We come up with the best packages that are unparalleled in the market. We don’t charge any hidden fees and fully transparent with our customers.
Sell or Trade in Car | Hybrid & Electric Vehicles Dealership

Auto Brokering

You no longer have to get into the hassle of stressful paperwork and prolonged negotiation with your car dealers. We’ll handle everything for you. We negotiate the best prices with the dealer. We’ll handle every bit of detail from start to finish.

Nation Wide Autotransport

Want to deliver the car as a surprise? We’ll handle everything for you. We have the finest network of logistics to transport vehicles anywhere you want. Our nationwide auto transport network will deliver your desired car anywhere and anytime.


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